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Expected Standards Videos

By far our most popular content; these short videos show the expected individual outcomes in the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework (Stages 1 to 7) and the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework (Stages 8 to 10 Swimming).

PLUS our exciting LAUNCH of Expected Standards for the Swim England Pre-School Framework (Discovery Duckling 1-4 and Duckling 1-4)!

FREE School Swimming Resources

Teaching swimming and water safety during Key Stage 1 or 2 is a requirement of the national curriculum PE programme of study.

This section visually explains the national curriculum requirements. It also includes other resources to support you in developing a great school swimming experience for your pupils; both in the pool and classroom.

Learn to Swim Programme

The Swim England Learn to Swim Programme is a world-leading syllabus, helping children and adults to learn how to swim.

This playlist is packed full of information to explain this all-inclusive programme, that takes non-swimmers on a journey through four specialised Frameworks.

Best Practice

From practical ideas by technical experts, to masterclasses on enhancing business performance, this playlist is a powerful resource to support your on-going learning in delivering top quality swimming lessons.

Water Safety

Even the strongest, most able swimmers can get into trouble in the water.

These resources focus on why it's important to make a person water competent and how to do so: knowing how to self rescue, identify and manage water based risks, and what to do if you or someone else gets into trouble.

Buy and download our Expected Standards and Summer Meet videos to watch offline

  • Swim England National Summer Meet 2023 S Fourteen

    1 video

    Session Fourteen- Finals
    Men’s 13/14,15,16,17,18+ 200m Back
    Women’s 12/13,14,15,16,17+ 400m I.M.
    Women’s MC 100m Backstroke
    Men’s 13/14,15,16,17,18+ 50m Butterfly
    Women’s 12/13,14,15,16,17+ 50m Butterfly
    Men’s 13/14,15,16,17,18+ 400m Free
    Women’s 12/13,14,15,16,17+ 100m Back

  • Swim England National Summer Meet 2023 S Thirteen

    1 video

    Women’s 800m Free

  • Swim England National Summer Meet 2023 S Twelve

    1 video

    Men’s 200m Backstroke
    Women’s 400m I.M.
    Men’s MC 100m Backstroke H.D.W.
    Women’s MC 100m Backstroke
    Men’s 50m Butterfly
    Women’s 50m Butterfly
    Men’s MC 50m Butterfly H.D.W.
    Women’s MC 50m Butterfly H.D.W.
    Men’s 400m Freestyle
    Women’s 100m Backstroke

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