Expected Standards Pre-School Framework

Expected Standards Pre-School Framework

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Expected Standards Pre-School Framework
  • Discovery Duckling 1 Outcome 1

    Episode 1

    For younger babies use a lying entry: the baby lies on a baby mat on poolside. The adult sits on the side and enters close to the baby without splashing. The adult then lifts the baby into the water under the armpits and with the head supported if needed.

    For those who are able to sit, a sittin...

  • Discovery Duckling 1 Outcome 2

    Episode 2

    Adult to support the learner under the armpits with head support if required. Gently lift the learner up and back down to shoulder level in the water.

  • Discovery Duckling 1 Outcome 3

    Episode 3

    Learner to comfortably lie on the back fully supported by an adult using a cheek-to-cheek or yoke hold; return the learner to an upright position.

  • Discovery Duckling 1 Outcome 4

    Episode 4

    Adult to gently trickle/pour water over the back of the learner's head. A variety of equipment can be used: watering cans, buckets or cups.

  • Discovery Duckling 1 Outcome 5

    Episode 5

    Adults to move slowly around in the water with shoulders submerged fully supporting the learner in an upright position.

  • Discovery Duckling 1 Outcome 6

    Episode 6

    For younger babies use a lying exit. Or the accompanying adult must show they are able to safely exit the water, whilst fully supporting the learner.