Expected Standards Pre-School Framework

Expected Standards Pre-School Framework

8 Seasons

Expected Standards Pre-School Framework
  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 1

    Episode 1

    With full adult support. Learner sits or stands on the side unsupported but under close supervision and is drawn in toward the adult in the water. Adult then returns the learner to poolside.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 2

    Episode 2

    With the use of floatation equipment such as arm discs or noodles and fully supported by an adult. The learner should remain in a flat position throughout.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 3

    Episode 3

    On their front, encourage the learner to reach and grab toys scattered around the pool on or near the surface of the water, whilst the adult supports travel around the pool.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 4

    Episode 4

    Using floatation equipment and with minimal adult support. Learner to rotate 180 degrees from a flat floating position using a log roll or in an upright position.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 5

    Episode 5

    With full adult support, face and head either in or close to surface of water throughout. Start from a wall on front/back/face in/face out with arms to the side or above the head. Learner may choose to perform the movement towards or away from a wall.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 6

    Episode 6

    Supporting adult to wet the learner's face by splashing or using equipment such as a watering can, cup or bucket. Learner to be at ease with chin resting in the water.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 7

    Episode 7

    Learner to move with adult support if required with chin on the surface or face in the water. Arms and legs must be in the water and learner must use both arms and legs for the entire 5 metres.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 8

    Episode 8

    With full adult support. The learner holds on to the wall or rail, and is then encouraged to move using a hand on hand motion toward the steps or ladder. Floatation equipment such as noodles or arm discs can be used along with full adult support.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 9

    Episode 9

    Learner sits on the side unsupported but under close supervision. Another adult maintains contact with the learner whilst the participating adult climbs out next to the learner. For younger learners, use a lying exit. Or the accompanying adult must show they are able to safely exit the water, whi...