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  • Stage 9 Outcome 3

    Swim a continuous 100 metres individual medley (4 x 25 metres) using recognised turns with a focus on stroke technique and consistency.

    a. Executing correct starts, turns and finish without stopping over the set distance.

    b. Maintaining stroke technique throughout the specified distance.

    c. De...

  • Stage 9 Outcome 4

    a. The swimmer will demonstrate one hand on top of the other, arms above head and straight, no gap between the head and the arms, and kick for 15 metres.

    b. The body will be in line with the angle of the arms.

  • Stage 9 Outcome 5

    Perform a backstroke start then butterfly kick in a streamlined position under water up to a maximum of 15 metres from the start point (wall), transfer into stroke and complete the remainder of the 25 metres.

    a. Grip the bar and start in a curled position with legs and arms bent, feet placed on ...