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Watch this video and more on Swim England

Up Next in Stage 5

  • Stage 5 Outcome 2

    Body must be stretched out and fingers angled downwards, legs together and toes pointed. Arms and hands remain in the water throughout.

  • Stage 5 Outcome 3

    There must be directional changes, and inclusion of a rotation, e.g. a log roll, flip, turn. This might be demonstrated using activities such as 'Follow my Leader', mirroring each other and making patterns.

  • Stage 5 Outcome 4

    The body must be upright, with the head clear of the water. Movements made must be stress-free and relaxed. The learner may use a variety of kicks including scissor, running-type action, breaststroke kick and eggbeater kick. Hands must remain under water and the skills must be performed in water ...