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Watch this video and more on Swim England

Watch this video and more on Swim England

Up Next in Stage 6

  • Stage 6 Outcome 3

    Starting with one hand on the wall and two feet placed on the wall, sink, and then, from a tucked position and whilst pushing into an extended position, the hand holding on to the wall moves over the water to meet the
    other hand, one on top of the other. Glide, kick (either butterfly or alternati...

  • Stage 6 Outcome 4

    The swim does not need to be to Swim England Expected Standards but may be a travel of the learner’s choice. Minimum required clothing is t-shirt and shorts.

  • Stage 6 Outcome 5

    The front crawl must be performed to Swim England Expected Standards. Head rolls before breathing to the side and shoulder. Ensure one arm maintains extension to the front and near to the surface of the water whilst the breath is taken. Breathing may take place unilaterally or bilaterally for