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Watch this video and more on Swim England

Watch this video and more on Swim England

Up Next in Stage 7

  • Stage 7 Outcome 4

    The 25 metres butterfly must be performed to Swim England Expected Standards.

  • Stage 7 Outcome 5

    Perform a movement sequence (linking skills with strokes and sculls) of one minute duration, in a group of three or more, incorporating a number of the following skills:

    • Sculling: Head first; feet first.
    • Rotation: Forward or backward somersault; log roll.
    • Floating: Star on the front or on ...

  • Stage 7 Outcome 6

    Sitting dive: Sitting on the edge of the pool, learners place their feet on the wall, chin on the chest and extend the arms to squeeze the ears. Roll forwards bending at the waist, as they start to fall forwards push off the
    pool wall with both feet, extend and glide under the water.

    Dive: Feet ...