Swim England Coaching. This collection contains various recordings from the coaching team on hot topics to help you in your coaching. These recordings include our Connecting With Coaches series and updates on important information specifically for coaches.

  • Connecting with Coaches, Artistic Swimming - Acro for Beginners January 2024

    Acrobatics for beginners - With Hannah Secher

    This session will discuss the basics of acrobatics and how they are required in Artistic Swimming for beginners. Hannah brings to life the use of platforms and other mechanisms in an easy to understand format with graphics for visual aid.

  • Connecting with Coaches, Water Polo - What is Talent? January 2024

    What is Talent?-With Paul Connolly
    In this session, Coach Developer Paul Connolly, looks at what is talent, what do we actually mean by talent? Can we teach this or is it innate, nature V nurture. We discuss how to support our athletes, family and teams in this open discussion session.

  • Disordered eating

    Diane Elliott, Sports Science and Medicine Manager at Swim England facilitates this session with Laura Salmon and Cassie Patten, discussing disordered eating and how to support your athletes if you have concerns.