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Watch this video and more on Swim England

Watch this video and more on Swim England

Up Next in Stage 2

  • Stage 2 Outcome 1

    Start with toes over edge of pool, jump upwards and forwards whilst eyes look forward throughout. Land feet first into the water. This may be performed with or without submerging. Depth of water needs to be appropriate to the size of the learner. The taller the learner, the greater the depth of w...

  • Stage 2 Outcome 2

    Learners must submerge the head or tilt head downward with or without goggles. Learners may perform this whilst holding a wall, standing, or with support of floatation equipment – or Level 1 Swimming Assistant. Teacher must be able to see bubbles being blown.

  • Stage 2 Outcome 3

    Learners must start the movement from a flat floating position on the back. Learners can make use of floatation equipment but are not permitted to use a Level 1 Swimming Assistant or wall to achieve this outcome. Finishing position is for the learner to be in an upright position (floating or stan...