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Watch this video and more on Swim England

Expected Standards Pre-School Framework

Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 2


Up Next in Discovery Duckling 4

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 3

    On their front, encourage the learner to reach and grab toys scattered around the pool on or near the surface of the water, whilst the adult supports travel around the pool.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 4

    Using floatation equipment and with minimal adult support. Learner to rotate 180 degrees from a flat floating position using a log roll or in an upright position.

  • Discovery Duckling 4 Outcome 5

    With full adult support, face and head either in or close to surface of water throughout. Start from a wall on front/back/face in/face out with arms to the side or above the head. Learner may choose to perform the movement towards or away from a wall.